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The first week of Advent starts on November 28th.  Advent begins our church year because the church year begins where Jesus' earthly life began — in the Old Testament prophecies of His incarnation. The word “advent" is from the Latin word for “coming,” it describes the “coming” of our Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh. The first half of the church year (approximately December through June) highlights the life of Christ.

Advent specifically focuses on Christ's "coming," but Christ's coming manifests itself among us in three ways — past, present, and future.  The traditional use of Advent candles (sometimes in a wreath) originated in eastern Germany prior to the Reformation. As this tradition came down to us by the beginning of this century, it involved three purple candles and one pink candle.  There are many beautiful customs and traditions surrounding Advent.  

The four weeks represent:

  • Week 1: Hope (or promise)
  • Week 2: Preparation (or waiting or prophecy)
  • Week 3: Joy (or peace)
  • Week 4: Love (or adoration)